Bike Ergonomics: Rider and Bike together as one

Ergon is passionate about cycling and understand the crucial role that ergonomics plays between the rider and bike. This in-depth knowledge of ergonomics allows Ergon to continuously push the boundaries of design and innovation to create products which provide ultimate comfort and performance.

SM Men MTB Saddles

Specifically tailored to the male anatomy and optimised for the requirements of mountain biking. The increased seating area allows for better weight distribution on the sit and public bones with an extreme deep relief channel offering particularly high degrees of strain relief on sensitive perineal areas.

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SR Men Road Saddles

Available in Comp, Pro and Pro Carbon models (260g, 220g and 175g respectively for a size S/M), The SR series features an effective relief channel to reduce pressure in sensitive areas. The saddles Y-shape allows for maximized freedom of movement when riding in a low position typical of road cycling.

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GE1 Evo MTB Grips

The rider-oriented, ergonomic grip for wide riser bars. Developed with feedback from Enduro World Series riders, the GE1 Evo features a soft, slip-proof texture and design which actively supports the correct torso/forearm position during downhill riding. The enclosed grip end allows you to grip right to the outer edge.

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SM E-MTB Saddles

The team at Ergon developed the E-MTB saddle after analysing the different characteristics of E-MTB bikes and riders. Increased padding adds comfort over typically longer periods sat in the saddle. The rear ramp better supports the rider in steep uphill-riding situations when seated with different shapes optimised for the male and female anatomies.

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